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As we approached the water, towards the end of the hike – which was coming towards the beach – I was looking towards the water and I turned around and he was down on one knee.” So romantic!

Murray is the anly man in history tae hae won Olympic Gowd an the US Open in the same calendar year, as well as the third man tae haud the Gowd Medal an twa majors on different surfaces (efter Andre Agassi an Rafael Nadal).

I gamberi al sale e pepe sono un secondo piatto dalle atmosfere e dai sapori orientali.

Riportiamo il mare sulle nostre tavole con un piatto classico e raffinato grazie all'uso del pepe rosa, che renderà questo risotto ai gamberi davvero molto speciale, grazie al suo aroma particolare.

He achieved a tap-10 rankin bi the ATP for the first time on 16 Aprile 2007, an reached a career peak o world No. Murray is the reignin Olympic champion, haein defeatit Roger Federer at the 2012 Olympic Gemmes in straucht sets tae win the gowd medal in the men's singles final, acomin the first British singles champion in ower 100 years, an defended his title in 2016.

This title made him the anly British male tae acome a Grand Slam singles champion durin the Open Era.

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He is a twa-time Grand Slam tournament winner, Olympic champion an Davis Cup champion. At the 2012 US Open, Murray became the first British player syne 1977, an the first British man syne 1936, tae win a Grand Slam singles tournament, when he defeatit Novak Djokovic in the final in five sets.