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During attempt to repair Borg temporal sabotage with Earth first contact, kidnapped and resisted assimilation by Borg to prevent capture of vessel and loss of timeline integrity 2379 ?

Sacrificed himself aboard Reman ship posting after 26 years of existence, Data has quite simply wished to be more human and experience as much of that condition's depths and shadows as his adaptive programming can approximate - with experiments in everything from art, acting, and poetry to keeping a pet cat Spot and imitating humanisms ranging from laughter, sneezing and whistling to dance, facial hair grooming and bedtime routines.

This allowed Lithuania to secure its position as No. On 6 June, a three-day training for intellectual property experts of Baltic states universities "IP Marketing and Commercialization" organized by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in collaboration with the State Patent Bureau was opened in Vilnius.

On , a four-day seminar on the drawing up and interpretation of patent search reports and written opinions organised by the European Patent Academy and the State Patent Bureau was opened in Artis Centrum hotel in Vilnius.-E (was promoted to First Officer, but died prior to position taking effect) Full Name: Data Date of birth: Permanently re-activated Feb.2, 2338 (initial activation unknown) Place of birth: Omicron Theta science colony Parents: Created by Dr. Juliana O'Donnell Soong Tainer Education: Starfleet Academy, 2341-45 Marital status: Single Children: One, deceased Quarters: Formerly, Enterprise-D: Deck 2/Room 3653 Date of death: 2379 Place of death: Destroyed with Reman ship 2373 ?As of November 9th 2015 you can no longer submit your application for visa or residence permit at the Norwegian Embassy in Vilnius.You must submit it at one of nine selected Norwegian Embassies in Europe.

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Uhura's first name was not used in Star Trek canon until Abrams's 2009 film, in a scene where the young Spock calls her "Nyota" in a moment of intimacy.

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