Double date dating site

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Double date dating site

That’s when she turned to mutual friend Rebecca and said, “If only you could come with me and meet one of his friends, too.” It was that simple comment that became the inspiration for Double, an app where each person brings a friend to the date.Pooling money from their personal savings and an ugly Christmas sweater business, Ben, Loren, and Gary launched Double in the United Kingdom in 2015 and had 5,000 sign-ups within the first three days.We are nothing more or less than a means to make a connection with another person by using the best possible indicator of compatibility: Your beloved pet.Who better to judge whether someone is good for you than your dog, your cat, or whatever other pet you have in your life?The Short Version: Whether you’re worried about not saying the right thing in a message or wearing the wrong outfit to dinner, dating can be intimidating if it feels like the spotlight is only on you.The Double app strives to take that pressure off — letting you and a friend create a joint profile, swipe for matches, take part in group chats, and go on dates as a duo.Duo Dater takes a unique approach to double dating. The user and their friend do things they enjoy together, which appear on their duo profile.This gives the users a way to connect with other Duo Dater duos.

We're here to help you with that first step: Figuring out which dating app is worth your homescreen space in the first place.

One woman, Amy, was on Tinder, swiping and matching with a lot of men but never went on dates with them.

Not because she didn’t like them or anything — she just felt unsafe and weird about meeting a stranger by herself.

Duos can list things they want to do and see other duos who want to do the same things.

The Duo Dater system also helps users find suitable mates with the help of a friend who is concerned about their best interests.

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