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Exploring Xi’an is akin to traveling back thousands of years in time.

Now the capital of Shaanxi Province, Xi’an is also the political, economic and cultural center of the Northwest, with a population of 2,650,000.

So let’s start breaking this city down, starting with a walking tour of the Xiao ......

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There are four streets branching off this central point, making this a good focal point for first-time visitors to the city.

Xi'an is a good place for visitors to explore as alongside the historical and cultural attractions are a good range of modern amenities, and visitors who are searching for a taste of home will find Western restaurants, luxurious hotels and plenty of other familiar touches.

Xi'an is divided into eight different urban districts, each offering a unique atmosphere as well as attractions, services and facilities.

Whether you’re a history enthusiast or just looking to take a quick dip into ancient Chinese culture, take time in China to add Xi’an to your itinerary.

I’d say it’s not too shabby though, considering it was completed in 652 and has survived (though not completely unscathed) a major earthquake!

If you’ve walked the streets of any North American Chinatown, you’ve probably seen guardian lion statues before. The lions typically stand at the entrance of palaces, places of worship.

Try spending a weekend at one of these four ski resorts located outside the city of Xi’an. Read More A city teeming with history, culture, tombs and pagodas, Xi'an is a dream for any Chinese history buff.

Unfortunately, tourists who stream into the city every year to check out some of the greatest historical sites in China are often targeted by scammers ...... Seriously, who would want to run around a track outside in the blazing heat or run on the spot at a depressed musty gym when there are so many refreshing indoor pools around Xi’an? Read More Shaanxi-style mutton and bread stew simmers.

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